Monday, September 19, 2011

Is It October Yet?

We had two exciting things to celebrate this month, I really wish I took more pictures, but I didn't.

2-year anniversary- like everyone else in the world (or so it seems based on facebook status updates), Jason and I also got married in August. The 31st marks 2 years together! Jason had class until 7 so he came home during his break in the day to have lunch together. We went to Macaroni Grill. I know it's nothing elaborate, but honestly, does Macaroni Grill ever fail to be amazing? Quite frankly, no. It's the bread. Anyway, since Eli came along for the "romantic" celebration (we don't really have a lot of babysitting options out here yet), it was even more amazing because they have the paper table cloth that I don't have to worry about him getting dirty, plus he could color on it... He too was impressed with the bread. All in all, it was a nice little lunch date. When Jason got out of class he brought some delicious dessert home, I think it was white chocolate bread pudding or something. Yum! That's about all, we're kind of lame.

Then we realized it was Labor Day weekend... No school on Monday! We thought since we didn't do much on our actual anniversary, maybe we should go to Orange Beach here in Alabama and spend the weekend. Unfortunately, it's a five hour drive plus there was a tropical storm coming. It would probably be expensive to find a hotel there too. We then decided to hit up the other (non-stormy) coast instead and for only 3 more hours of driving, we could stay with Jason's parents in Myrtle Beach. Jason hasn't been to the beach in two years and he hasn't seen his family since Christmas, so I think it was a nice little break for him!
Sorry my finger is in the way, it was so bright out I couldn't see what I was filming.
Tip: the best way to keep a happy baby at the beach is with junk food. I recommend Chewy Chips Ahoy or frosted animal crackers (you know, the one with the sprinkles). I know, I'm a bad mom.
It seems like everyone's number one priority here in Alabama is football, so we're trying to start Eli while he's young.
He was kind of a ball hog
Jason and Grandpa Glover showing Eli the waves... they got a little far out for my comfort.
After lots of playing, Grandma Glover took Eli home for a nap while we stayed a little longer. We all fell asleep in our chairs. I woke up first though and was able to get this funny picture.

As you can see, the weather was perfect! When we got home to Alabama there were fallen down trees, power outages, flooding, and one of our windows was even broken from the tropical storm! I'm glad we made the last minute decision to leave town!

Jason's Birthday: This time next year I'll be married to a 30-year-old! Yikes! After 8 months of dating, followed by 2 years of marriage, Jason and I had yet to celebrate one of his birthdays together! So sad. Well, we had our wedding reception two days after his first birthday together, we were very busy preparing and my friends and I had to make cup cakes on the night of his birthday. Then last year he went to Australia for work. So I was really excited to do something special this year. Unfortunately, he had a hospital tour all day and was really tired afterward. Plus, Eli and I were going to Florida the next day and had to get ready. So, maybe next year will be better... I did wake up in the middle of the night and decorated the house though. I got him a Panera bagel in the morning for breakfast (I know a bagel sounds like a lousy effort but he hates breakfast... he does love bagels though and I felt obligated to at least get him something). I made a Tollhouse pie too (it's his mom's birthday tradition for him). We went to Firehouse Subs for lunch because it's free if you show your ID on your birthday, and then he wanted a Mellow Mushroom pizza for dinner so we got that too. It was delicious but kind of expensive for not a lot of pizza... I guess this birthday involved a lot of eating. His presents were Friday Night Lights DVD's (it's his favorite show) and an IPhone (thanks to his parents who contributed to half of it). That's all. Basically, I didn't set the bar very high this time around, but I have all year to think of how I'll make his 30th birthday the best ever. Again, I wish I took pictures...
Finally, NO, it's not October yet. But almost... October is the best month ever! The weather is not too hot, not too cold, the leaves are changing and nature is at it's most beautiful, at least in Colorado, we'll see what Alabama has to offer. Not to mention, Halloween is the best holiday. This is a matter of fact. I love haunted houses, pumpkin carving, pumpkin bread/cookies/pies/seeds and ALL things pumpkin-realted (it is my favorite food), scary decorations and most of all, CANDY!!! It's basically an obligation-free holiday because you don't have to spend a bunch of time or money buying presents, preparing giant feasts or really doing anything but just enjoying it! My sister's birthday is on Halloween and she loves it. All in all, I love October. I have been anticipating THIS October with great excitement for the past 9 months and it can't come soon enough! I can't think of any way to make the month better than welcoming our baby girl to the family. Naturally, I was a bit frustrated when my October 18th due date changed so many times and even snuck into LATE November, but thankfully, all is well as I have now been scheduled to be induced on Halloween! Granted, I could deliver early but either way, it's October! This is especially exciting because I may be having my baby on my sister's birthday and she is expecting her next baby on MY birthday. Of course it probably won't work out that way, but it would be neat.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The "Tot Spot"

Last weekend we took Eli to a kiddy museum called the McWane Exhibit. It has 3 levels of interactive science exhibits catered to kids of pretty much any age. Plus, it has an IMAX! We decided to buy a membership because it pays for itself after only 3 visits and I figure, we could just stop in and let him run around for a while on a rainy day... not to mention, it will be a totally different experience for him at his age and maturity right now in comparison with a year from now. The exhibits are apparently always changing too. Anyway, he had a fun time.
Just for the record, yes, he does own shoes and we begin every venture with them on. He just screams his head off and refuses to move an inch until we take them off. So, sometimes we let him run around like a little ragamuffin while I cringe at what kind of nastiness could be accumulating on his feet... Jason says he's a little boy so I better get used to it : (
There were baby sharks and sting rays to pet but he wasn't really into it.
There was a chamber you could go in where the wind got to the speed of a tornado. The glare made it hard to take a good picture though...
He really likes to push his stroller instead of riding in it these days.
Inside a bubble.
The "Tot" Spot. Eli loved it here! He was so excited when we set him down that he took a look around, threw his arms up and screamed in excitement. He was so overwhelmed it took him a few minutes to figure out what to do with himself.
Eli trying to make a friend... or steal his toy. Either way, he was rejected.