Sunday, January 13, 2013

December Happenings

In December I got my iphone! It's actually my first smart phone. I've been too cheap to get one in the past but now, with the shared data plan it costs the same to have a smart phone as it did to have my old phone. Plus, with my upgrade discount, the iphone was FREE! Basically, there was just no reason to deprive myself any longer. The best part is, my old phone didn't take pictures, so I have been taking TONS and TONS of pictures now! Also, since we're moving to Houston, I will have a GPS through my phone! This is all very new and exciting to me... Jason says, welcome to the 21st century, Tiff! Everyone else has had these capabilities for years now! True statement : /

Anyway, my Aunt Lynda lives here in Birmingham and so the kids and I go over to her house every week or so to hang out. Eli loves Aunt Lynda, he asks to go to her house basically every day! Kyah loves to go there too because my aunt has three dogs. Kyah is the happiest girl in the world when dogs are around.
Kyah in a baby stroller. She's such a tiny tot.
Aunt Lynda spoiled these kids for Christmas! 
Playing with Beyonce! Isn't that name hilarious for a little dog?
This is how Eli rides his truck.       Sleeping in the car. Eli learned a fun trick this month, how to climb out of his crib! We moved him into his own room (our closet with his crib mattress on the floor), so he can turn the light on, play or read books if he's not going to sleep, but basically he has just been refusing to sleep ever since. He just gets up and comes out whenever he pleases... and then is a cranky monster in the day time. Napping has gone out the window as well! He went from sleeping 13 hours at night (8-9) with a 2 hour nap, to now sleeping probably 9 hours total a day (10-7, if that). It's been the most trying thing we've encountered since becoming parents! I thought it'd just be a phase but we're going on 6 weeks now...
I've done a poor job of introducing my children to arts and crafts. I have a hard time with messes. However, I'm turning over a new leaf! It started with this painting project... the mess nearly gave me an anxiety attack, but they had fun! 
Our church Christmas party. Kyah got well acquainted with the candy cane this past month. 
At the park with Eli's buddies James and Finley. It was in the upper 60's to 70's most of December, love the south! In the winter, that is!
I don't use these big carts because they are ridiculously gigantic and hard to push, but on this one special occasion I did... and they loved it!
                                               Sweet shoes Eli.               Kyah sleeping so peacefully.   

At the Christmas parade. This particular night was freezing, 26 degrees! That's pretty rare but I actually enjoyed having cold weather for the holidays.
Like everyone, we were so sick the past couple months. Jason got a nasty flu the week before Thanksgiving and he didn't get better until he finally went to the doctor and got medicine the week before Christmas! We all got the flu too, it was an epidemic here in Alabama. And for Eli and I, it turned into Bronchitis. I was also diagnosed with Pleurisy (inflammation of the lungs) and 2 cracked ribs from coughing so much! It was awful. I cracked my ribs over the summer when I had pneumonia and it was an unbelievably painful 8 weeks for them to start healing... but after this past month, I'm back to square one. It's awful. But we are all feeling healthy now!

Kyah was so sick she just climbed into the infant swing, which I only leave out because they occasionally like to play on it, and fell right asleep with all of us hanging out right there in the same room. If you knew her sleeping habits, that is extremely uncharacteristic.

       Helping scramble eggs.        It was cold out so we took the kids
                                                    to the church to play in the gym on day.

Christmas in Myrtle Beach:
We went to Jason's parents' house for Christmas and New Year's this year. Ryan, Erin, Kherington and Kevin were there from Belgium, Adam was home from BYU and of course Cory was there, too. It was a lot of fun! Here's a TON of pictures from the trip:
 Daddy and Eli date, or what they call "special mission" to make it sound more manly.
The best part about going to the grandparents' house is all the outdoor space to play in!

Kyah got to do some errands with me without Eli, so I upgraded her to his forward facing seat, I liked getting to see her cute little face in the rear view mirror! She is actually STILL in her infant carrier. One, because she hasn't outgrown it yet, as you can see, and two, because she still falls asleep in it some places... church, for instance, the grocery store and in this particular picture, Chick-Fil-A, etc. It's kind of nice.

 Erin, Adam and Jason doing Insanity in the garage.       Grandpa and Kyah!                
The kids decorated gingerbread houses... well, they ate the candy while we decorated their houses for them.
Again, loving the candy cane.

What pretty little houses they made!
One night we went to see a live Nativity.

 Christmas Eve: 
Erin making sugar cookies with her "helpers."
Time to decorate! Again, the kids gave themselves a sugar high while we did all the work!
The kiddos love Uncle Cory! He gave them Mickey Mouse Santa hats.
Reading Christmas stories.
Writing letters to Santa. Eli was up most of Christmas Eve night throwing up... I don't know if he had a bug or if he just had way too much sugar from decorating the cookies! He felt better on Christmas, but we had to deprive him of all the yummy food in case it would make him sick again. Poor guy!

Christmas Morning:
Eli's picking his nose : (
Jason's parents bought our family an ipad. I know, ridiculously generous/awesome!! That means I acquired an iphone and ipad in the same week. Technology overload! They are seriously life-changing! I mean, what did we ever do without them?!? I know I sound spoiled... I just love them!
The 2nd coolest present: Fort kit! Thank you Ryan and Erin.
Sweet slippers Kevin!
Kyah's favorite present was Despicable Me, she's obsessed with minions. She sat and watched this movie all by herself, kind of impressive for such a young one! Then she tried to stand up on the rocking chair...
We went to see Les Mis on Christmas and Ryan and Erin babysat for us. How nice of them :)
Looks like the kids had a fun time!
Why are our kids always naked?

We took the kids to the Children's Museum one day:

     Eli didn't want to leave that train set alone...                       Where's Aunt Erin?  
even though he has one at home that he never plays with!                                                  

Eli was worn out afterwards... too tired to care that he had Kyah's blanky instead of his own!

Family Pictures:
These are just a few that Ryan and Erin took on their camera.
It was a freezing cold day, Kyah and Kherington were literally turning blue!
All the boys (minus Cory because he had to work) went to the UNC vs. UNLV basketball game. 
Meanwhile, we took the kiddos to the park to feed ducks:
That duck eventually bit Kyah's hand... way to be a good mom, Tiff. But it turns out, duck bites don't hurt, she didn't even notice.
They found the frosted animal crackers! I love this picture :)

New Year's Eve:
We roasted marshmallows and made s'mores in the backyard. It was my first time ever roasting a marshmallow! Weird, I know. I've also never been camping : /
It was so much fun! We had a little New Year's celebration when it was midnight in Belgium so the kids could make a bunch of noise since they would be asleep by midnight our time.

Her shirt says "I Love My Uncle," compliments of her Uncle Adam :)
Playing Pit! An intense and often times dangerous game in the Glover family.       Eli didn't want to go to sleep so we let him watch a movie in our room.
Adam's New Year's kiss was the camera :)

 New Year's day:
Jason's family has a breakfast tradition of Belgian waffles with ice cream on New Year's morning. It's really delicious!
Jason and I went on a day-long date on New Year's to see the 007 movie and go to lunch. Erin and Ryan once again, kindly babysat Eli and took him with them to this fun little place... I'm kind of sad I missed it!
That's all for the trip.

Also in December: 
-We finished reading the children's Book of Mormon to Eli.
-Kyah got pretty much all her teeth and mastered walking. She's all grown up :*(
-And, Kyah is weaned! She's NOT happy about it... but, thanks to a variety of prescriptions medications I had to take while sick, I practically dried out over night. I feel bad for her but frankly, it was about time! And, for the first time since October 2009, my body is not sustaining anyone else's life but my own. It feels very strange, mostly I'm just a lot less hungry...
-Our Ward got split. We had close to 350 people in it. Jason got released from Young Men's President and is now 1st counselor in Elders Quorum. I still teach Relief Society. 

And now back to reality! Jason has one semester to go! Unfortunately, it may be the hardest. He takes 20 credits, and they're all late afternoon/night classes, he'll work in the day and somehow we'll find time to arrange a move to Houston in May. We're so excited to begin our next adventure. We love Birmingham and will be sad to leave, but knowing from the beginning that we would only be here for 2 years has made it hard to call home. We are ready to get to Texas where we can settle in and make it HOME! Which we haven't been able to do anywhere since we've known each other!