Tuesday, October 1, 2013

July and the Present-less Birthday

My goal in the past has been to get no more than a month behind on my blogging, however, as October is upon us, it seems I have not fulfilled my goal : ( Anyway, here's July: 

Happy Independence Day! 
And here is a cool train track we built and played with for a while. We got back from Denver on the night of July 3rd, so we kept it pretty low key on the 4th. I think we went swimming and ate out at Chuy's. YUM! But that could be inaccurate considering it was 3 months ago now and these are the only pictures I took : /

 HEre's the awesome cake I baked for ELi's birthday. I like to bake but I sure don't know how to decorate, I thought this was nice enough for a 3-year-old though. Inside it's strawberry with a layer of strawberry cream Oreos in the middle. It was AMAZING, if I do say so myself. Eli asked for a pink strawberry cake (super manly, I know). He always asks for random things (he's never even had strawberry cake) but now I know for certain that despite what he asks for, there are only two things he actually likes, milk and chocolate. I have made the mistake of getting him what he says he wants, but now I'm sure I really do know best. And I should have made this cake chocolate against his wishes, that way he would have eaten it. Instead, he ate about two bites and Jason, Kyah and I ate the rest. 
 His birthday was on a Monday so we celebrated on the Saturday before, we woke up and went to Torchy's Tacos for breakfast tacos. They were pretty yummy :)

 Then, we took the lil' guy to Hermann Park to ride this train he's always going on and on about. It's like 20 minutes long and costs a lot so we've never taken him in the past, but it pretty much made his day. He still remembers riding the train on his last birthday, he sure hasn't changed much!
 I guess Kyah got bored. Actually she never has transitioned very well to the afternoon nap. To this day once 10 o'clock hits I have to do everything to keep her from falling asleep, which she will do just about anywhere, as you see! 
 Afterwards they ran in the fountains at HErmann Park, Kyah was still so sleepy. Poor girl. 
 They both tuckered themselves out!
 Finally, cake time!
 I mean, does that not look awfully delicious?
 And finally, Despicable Me 2! They saw Monster's University the week before and got bored, but we felt confident this one would hold their interest, and it definitely did! Eli is at an age where he can sit and  watch a whole movie, but Kyah's definitely not, UNLESS the movie is Despicable Me. She LOVES minions more than anything! So she had no problems sitting through this movie, Jason and I enjoyed it too! 

Oh, milk, chocolate and POPCORN! Those are the only foods he loves, forgot to mention popcorn :)
 Sunday nap with Daddy :)
 And Eli's actual birthday. We met Jason for lunch but that's about all we did to celebrate. As for presents, we didn't get him ANY! I know, we're mean. But seriously, he doesn't need anything and we planned a fun-filled day. He didn't even realize he had no presents because he was so excited for the monster truck I put on his cake! It was a great birthday and he loved it, that's all that matters. 

As for the rest of the month, we just swam and went to various splash pads everyday. We spent  every morning outside, came home for lunch and nap, and then went to the gym every afternoon/evening. They love the YMCA here. It's kind of like preschool, they have different rooms for all the ages of kids and they have a whole schedule of activities. Reading time, coloring and crafts, interactive videos, they go out to the playground, to the gym to play with kick balls, etc. It's awesome. Usually I work out for 45 minutes to an hour but Eli doesn't want to come when I go pick him up. I would love to let him stay, but that would require me to exercise longer, which I don't want to do. I've even gone to the pool by myself a couple of times so they could have longer playtime. It's basically amazing and far superior to every other YMCA I've ever been to. 
 Whenever we go to the splash pad all the little girls take a liking to Kyah. This particular time it was a bit excessive, they were like her entourage following her everywhere. It made Eli super jealous and me kind of sad because Eli used to draw that kind of attention from the older kids, too! But now he does which could only mean... he's becoming one of the older kids :*( 
 And it appears we are embarking upon potty training, again! Gosh I feel like I just did this! Oh wait, I did! I suppose having children a year apart makes me feel like that often. Anyway, don't let that smile fool you, she hates the potty and is proving to be very difficult to train, as I predicted! What's easy with one will inevitably be impossible with the other. Booo...

Cow Appreciation Day! Woo hoo free chicken!

She loved that nose! Eli, not so much...
 Kyah trying to wear Eli's sunglasses... it's hard to see but they're on the side of her head. 
 There was a thunderstorm one night and the kids were too scared to go to sleep so we let them sleep in our bed, how cute :)
 Kyah got a backpack for her Sacrament activities. She didn't take it off for about a month. 
 Sharing an ice cream cone, so sweet! 
 Sunday suckers. The Bishop gives all the kids candy after church each week, they get pretty excited about it.
 Eli had asked me for his Pirate's Booty, and the next thing I know he had fallen asleep using them as his pillow!
And oh my goodness, still not used to the red ants. I cannot avoid them. I get bit at least once or twice a week and this is what happens every single time! They are so miserable I can barely walk, my foot gets so swollen and I wake up at night practically clawing myself to death from the unbearable itch that somehow burns at the same time. They are awful. Love the south, hate, hate HATE red ants. Ugh. It was so nice visiting colorado and actually being able to walk in the grass!