Monday, March 18, 2013


Alabama won the National Championship! ROLL TIDE!
Eli may have been born in Colorado and we love the Broncos, but as far as college teams go, we don't love the Rams or the Buffalos and considering he's spent a majority of his life here in Alabama, Kyah was born here, and Alabama has one back to back National Championships since we've lived here, I'm declaring myself and the kids Alabama fans for life! Jason will still be a Texas fan... Boooo : /
As I mentioned last month, Eli has had some sleeping issues lately. Since learning how to climb out of his crib, there is nowhere we can put him where he will stay and sleep. He wakes up between 5 and 6 every morning and acts tired all day. I was trying to cut out his nap to help him sleep better at night but he would just hit a wall and pass out between 4 and 5 at night. I kept thinking I just had to get him used to staying up all day and then he would sleep longer at night, but I got tired of his cranky tude and just started letting him nap like usual. I'm in the mindset that we'll figure everything out when we get to Houston. For now, I don't really care.
Various sleeping pictures. I'm a creepy mom.

I was cooking dinner and Eli (while wearing his beanie sideways) and Kyah wandered into the kitchen to offer me some plastic eggs they'd found in the closet.
Lunch at Mo's. WE LOVE BBQ! It was probably our greatest incentive to move to the south. But, ironically, our favorite barbecue food here in Alabama happened to be right there in Colorado, too! You can't beat Mo's... not to be confused with Moe's southwest grill which is disgusting and makes me want to vomit just thinking about. 
Kyah, not Eli, discovered that she could push the chair into the kitchen and climb up on it to see what I'm up to, steal food, etc. Now they both insist on "helping" me whenever I cook. My kitchen is minuscule, it's annoying.
This is Kyah's hair all. the. time. Sticking out in every direction like she was electrocuted. People comment on it wherever we go. It's kind of cute.
We discovered the jumping zone! The kids love it, and I do too! I get to accompany Kyah because she's so little, and I secretly think it's really fun. Ew to the ball pit though.
"sorry to tall" : ( I mean, seriously!?!?
Kyah got tired and lied down in the middle of the place to take a rest.
One of the rare Saturday's we got to hang out with Jason. The semester just started so he didn't have a bunch of studying/homework to do. 
Kyah being cute.
Eli being silly. Snuggled up with Kyah's baby. I told Eli to put pants on and he put on Kyah's skinny jeans. lol Annnnd, eating our favorite things ever, Baby Bites! Delicious little bite-sized cakes from The Pastry Art Bake Shoppe. 
Snow in Alabama! It started out slow but really started coming down at one point. The city doesn't have plows and obviously nobody has snow tires or 4-wheel-drive, so there's really no other option than to shut the city down for everyone's safety. Can't complain about that! Jason got to come home from work early and didn't have his night classes :)
We weren't really equipped for the cold weather, Eli wore his coat from when we lived in Colorado (size 6 month), it was a bit small! And Kyah didn't have anything to wear. I went and bought them gloves and hats. We played for a little while, then made kettle corn. I haven't made popcorn on the stovetop before so this is what happened... I've since invested in an air popper. Also, if you want to taste something amazing, try this recipe: 
-1 cup popping corn kernels
-1 cup salted butter
-3/4 cup sugar
-1 tsp. salt
Pop the corn kernels and place in a very large bowl, heat the butter, sugar and salt on low until it's all melted together and becomes syrupy, then pour it over the pop corn and mix it thoroughly. Spread it out on a sheet pan (you may have to do 2 separate batches), cook for 10 minutes at 300 degrees. Let cool, enjoy!

Jason, my mom and my step dad do not like kettle corn and they all loved this stuff. I love kettle corn but this was much more amazing than what I've tried before, so try it! 
Stomach bug. Eli and I had a mild 24 hour bug. Kyah was literally on her death bed for 7 days! She had a high temperature and was throwing up absolutely everything, it was scary. I took her to the doctor twice in one week but they kept saying it just had to run its course... poor baby. In these pictures I laid her down on the floor so I could take her temperature and she just fell asleep right there. Eli was so kind to give her his "bees" (blanky) and even kissed her forehead :)
Other random pictures from the month: 

Pancake PB&J's. I invented it. They're amazing. Try it. Cut one pancake in half rather than using two... for optimal deliciousness. 
That's about all for the month. Just livin' the dream!