Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I've really been slacking on the blog lately. Jason had a case competition for school that consumed just about every waking second of his life in the month of February... So I took Eli and Kyah to spend a week in Florida and a week in Myrtle Beach. As soon as I got back, we had some things going on and then went back to Myrtle Beach, with Jason this time, for his Spring Break! Otherwise, we've been preparing for our move to Houston NEXT month! What are we going to do when both of our parents aren't just a day's drive away?!?!

The brief period of time we were home in the month of February:
Why must I take so many pictures of my children while they sleep? But, how cute and snuggly looking is this little guy?
Lunch date with Daddy at Whole Foods.
And then the park... puffy vest day!
Eli wanted to wear Kyah's vest instead of his own because it had a hood.
Monday Brunch Bunch! Taking a play break to watch some Doc McStuffins.
Kyah enjoyed the lolly pop I gave her while I trimmed her hair.
My friend Joni watched Eli one day while I went to lunch with Jason and did my Visiting Teaching, while watching him, she captured what may just be the best picture ever taken of him (above)! And, Kyah slept through mine and Jason's entire lunch date! Kinda nice :)
Eli and Finners! These two are the nursery terrors... seriously, they're bad news.
One day the kids and I were sitting on the couch with nothing to do. I started flipping through their Friend magazine and came across the story of a young "Tommy" Monson sending his pants to the wash with money in the pocket. He prayed that his money would be in his pants when they were returned, but the odds that it would be were very slim. When the wash arrived, to his great surprise, the money was there! His prayer was answered. I tried my best to tell this story to Eli in a way he could understand and to teach him a little abut prayer. Shortly after, he asked for a PB&J. This jar of jelly could not be opened! We had tried EVERYTHING. Since the story about prayer was fresh on my mind, it occurred to me that I should pray to open the jar, too. It worked! That's not even the amazing part of the story though... I was so moved that I posted the story on Instagram. Some friends of ours saw it and had the same jar of jelly that had been sitting, unopened, in their refrigerator since last summer! They too, had tried everything and the lid would not budge. Well, I'm sure you can guess where the story is going... that's right, they prayed and the jar was opened! It was a neat little testimony builder :) Unfortunately, this jelly is gross and I had to return it because nobody in our family would eat it.

Kitchen shenanigans!
Kyah's just about always standing on a chair trying to get some food.
Kyah got her chubby little leg stuck in the Bumbo, but she eventually figured it out.
Eli and Finley again. They probably spend an average of 5 days a week together.
Mugshots! Our favorite restaurant in Birmingham. It's the only place we can go where Eli will actually eat!

Valentine's Day Muddy Buddies. They were amazing. 
I thought Eli was getting his 2-year molars one day so I got him his very own Blizzard. But as it turns out, he still hasn't gotten those molars! When will they come?
One night around bedtime Kyah disappeared. I found her in our closet/Eli's bedroom (I know, sad) reading all by herself! I was so proud... I snapped this picture without her even knowing. 
Look at that little munchkin! Why does the have to always stand on a chair to eat?!
For the first time in forever, I actually had to wake the kids up! Instead of them so rudely waking me up ; ) They sleep in the exact same position, like how Eli's half off the bed?

Florida (I took a lot more pictures from my Mom's camera but when I tried to put them on her computer to burn to a disk, something must have gone wrong because these are all I had):
Eli did a good job walking Rafa.
I discovered my favorite app ever, instacollage!
Kyah really liked to talk on the phone.
Silly girl.
Eli loves his truck books, the only reason he likes that Farm book so much is because of the one page that has a tractor on it. 
Sit down Pizza Hut (remember those?!?) with Aunt Lena!
My creeper sleep pictures...
Beach day.

And on to Myrtle Beach: 
Look at that lil' dipping pro!
I mean, I kind of have an unhealthy obsession with taking sleep pictures. But his crazy positions are so cute!
Kyah's got the shoe obsession that I feel like all children her age have.
This silly girl really comes alive while Eli is napping.
Snuggles with grandma!
Fudrucker's! My favorite pastime, we used to eat there all the time when we were kids!
Usually Kyah and Eli shower every morning but Eli's going through a stage where he would rather be a couch potato... so Kyah gets the water stream all to herself these days. She loves it!
Shades! Eli forgot his and asked to borrow mine.
Back home! For the record, the drive home from Myrtle Beach was record breaking. Made it home by 1 PM! I was proud. And I didn't speed! Nor did I give my son a potty break : /  
This was how Eli fell asleep that night, at about 5 PM! Traveling is exhausting business!