Monday, March 19, 2012


I've been cutting this little boys hair twice a month since he was born. I have tried many techniques and his hair has seen many bad days but I finally found the technique that results in the best hair cut, in my opinion. Unfortunately, it's a very time consuming scissor cut. I keep him still by giving him lolly pops, which make a hairy, sticky mess. It takes at least an hour to cut his hair and clean him up, then more time to clean up the giant mess it makes in my kitchen. That was fine before I had Kyah, but now I just don't have that kind of time. SO I decided to give the clippers a try. I found a neat little "taper guard" in the clipper set. I was so excited I thought it would just do all the work for me! Unfortunately, it was a way shorter setting than what I had used for the rest of his hair, it left 4 lines in his head, too. And, it cut his ear! At this point Eli was angry, Kyah started crying as well but I was all by myself and had to make this hair cut somewhat decent before I called it quits. So, I just shaved a mohawk. I don't think it's cool, but everyone else does. So I'm leaving it until the rest of his hair gets a little longer that I can shave it off
A bloody ear, an angry Eli and screaming Kyah (not shown in the picture), not to mention this ridiculous mess!
My effort to salvage what I could... look at my tuff little guy with his pink "Bees." That's what he calls blanky.
Kyah was looking pretty cute for church this day. She is so tiny yet, she manages to look pretty chubby. I love it!
Ready for church... I styled Eli's hawk up "real nice" (read that with a southern accent please) for its church debut. Jason was embarrassed...

Valentine's Day:
Jason got me Krispy Kreme. I have an unhealthy obsession with doughnuts. I ate these all in less than ten minutes... I know, gross. There were actually 6, I just scarfed the other 2 before it even occured to me to take a picture.
A funny picture of the little lady. The flash on my camera startles her.
Red velvet cake. YUM! This is Paula Deen's red velvet cookie recipe and I highly recommend it! The batter was just so thick I built it into a heart-shaped mini cake, but I used the rest of the batter to make cookies and they were amazing! Seriously, make them!
Jason LOVES barbecue food. He is a Texan, after all! So to show my love I decided to make a delicious homemade barbecue meal complete with brisket, sweet potato fries, green beans and cornbread. It was so good. BUT, after extensive research on how to prepare the perfect brisket, I learned that it was too expensive and time-consuming to experiment with... so I cheated and bought that part at Full Moon. The rest I made myself though!
This was the best cornbread Jason and I have ever tasted! And I eat a lot of cornbread, it is one of my favorite foods. Seriously, so moist. Please try it if you like cornbread. Leave out the jalapenos if you don't like them. Also, butter the top as soon as it comes out of the oven.

Road Trip:
My brother and I drove to Florida to visit my mom and step dad a couple of weeks ago. I finally caved and turned Eli's car seat forward facing... although he is not yet 20 pounds! I feel so bad for him, we literally go on long road trips every month and he is just stuck staring at the back of the seat. It's sad. Needless to say, he LOVED being turned around. He didn't even sleep for the first 5 hours because he was so happy to just watch the road.
Finally asleep!
My mom just got a new puppy named Rafa (as in Nadal). Eli was scared of him though (what a wuss- the dog weighs 3 pounds!), so whenever Rafa was out of his cage Eli would go in it and vice versa. 
Papa, Nona, Ky Ky and Uncle Ty Ty!
One of the few times Kyah was help by someone besides me on this trip. My family thinks she is a "Mama's girl" but I insist that she is just very finicky about the position she is held in.
Clinging to Nona so Rafa doesn't get him!
Rafa is such a cute puppy, I want him. Not to mention, he would help me keep the little boy in line!
Look at that cute little tushy!
At the park...
My 3 favorite things: Eli, Kyah and Big Gulp. Just kidding, Jason is my favorite thing too! He just wasn't there!
When I went to get Kyah up from her nap, I found her sitting up in her seat all by herself. I was a little scared because she was not strapped in... didn't think a 3-month-old would be at risk for falling out!
Seriously, it's a little impressive!
I just kept taking pictures and finally she was like, OK get me out of here already!

We went to the mall one day and the Disney store had this sweet Lightening McQueen suitcase. Eli loves Cars and we do so much traveling these days that my mom got it for him as a present. He loved it so much he had to pull it all around the mall with him.
He thought he should take off his shoe and put it on the rack with the rest of the shoes.
At the mall play place:

At the beach:
It was very cold (well, 70- but at the beach, with humidity, it felt freezing) and windy! I had to bundle Kyah-Lynn up. Needless to say, she liked the beach better last time we came... because she was still in my belly!
Ty wore Eli out! I am not kidding, we left the beach at 4, Eli fell asleep in the car instantly, slept the whole way home, went directly to bed when we got home and then slept until 9 the next morning!!!
The girls! "Lena" (the nick-name I created for Eli to call my Aunt Helena), my mom, Kyah and me all huddled up trying to stay warm.
True statement on the left.

Headed home:
Eating his very own apple.
And apparently that's all the pictures I took. Road trips with young kids are super fun! Not really, but I'm glad Ty was able to do the trip with us because I could not have done it by myself!