Saturday, October 1, 2011

Florida Trip

Once again, Eli and I went off to enjoy some fun and relaxation with family while poor Jason was left behind to work or in this case, face his first round of mid-terms. This trip was to St. Pete, Florida to visit my mom and step-dad who just recently moved there from Colorado. The trip was really nice because Tyler and Kristen were there too. It was like a mini family reunion. Plus, I got to see my niece Rhaya for the first time since Christmas! She is the most adorable little angel, I just loved her! 

Anyway, we pretty much just relaxed the whole time, swam in the pool, went to the beach, Ty and Rick played a lot of golf but Kristen and I are both pregnant so it's not like we could go to Busch Gardens or do anything really exciting, plus we had the babies to take care of. Maybe next time, this was a nice trip though. My mom's new house is very spacious and although it has a lot of upgrades in the works, it was still really nice. It will definitely be a great place for everyone to visit and bring the grandkids in coming years. 

I brought out Eli's old infant car seat because it seemed easier to deal with while traveling, little did I know it would become his new favorite toy!  
Kristen and Rhaya. 
A tropical storm had just been through Florida, leaving the pool very COLD! Eli giggled and squirmed every time I tried to dip him in the water. 
Rhaya loved her Uncle Tyler.
Eli helping me push Rhaya on the train, he was a good big brother in training... or so the pictures would have you believe! He cried and clung to my legs every time I picked her up :(
Swim lessons.
Kristen has Rhaya in swim lessons back in San Diego and was teaching me how to dunk Eli under water for the first time. Apparently it's swim lessons 101 but as you can see, neither of them were very happy afterward!
Say: "choo-choo."
Little fisherman.
That smile means he's up to no good...
Uncle Tyler building Eli some sand fishies.
And that was our trip, which concluded our summer of MUCH travel. I feel ready to stay in one place for a little while now. Also, it just occurred to me that the holidays are already upon us! That's exciting. Life is good.

Oh yeah, we flew out of Atlanta because it's a lot cheaper than flying out of Birmingham. Then when we got home we were able to go see the Braves play the Mets. Eli made it through 6 innings before we had to leave, but we got tickets for only $1.50 so, not too shabby.
 Silly faces.

Lastly, I'm nearing the end of my second pregnancy and it occurred to me that I have never taken a "baby bump" picture before... so I took one. Notice that I'm wearing a sweater? That's right, it was actually chilly here in Birmingham today!
Depending on the 20 different due dates I've been given, this would be somewhere between 35 and 38 weeks... ish?