Monday, July 23, 2012


Hanging out with Daddy. She's got some crazy hair!
At the park: 
First time in the swing.
There was a really bad storm and lightening hit this tree right outside our house! It fell on top of the roof! Thankfully, we are on the bottom level. But the lady above us was sleeping in her bed when this tree fell through her bedroom ceiling! Scary.
The 3 bottom windows belong to us.
Eli and Daddy being silly. 
Jason's Grandpa Glover is a corn genetisist. He used to be a professor at Purdue and then travelled the world for his work in the corn breeding... I think? Anyway, in the Glover family, corn's kind of a big deal! Here's Kyah's right of passage! Officially a Glover. 

Also, in June, Jason's brother Adam came home from his mission in Mexico! So, we decided to surprise him and his family with a visit. We had to leave after Jason got out of class so we didn't get there until 2 in the morning, we had to call his Mom to answer the front door and she was so surprised. It was fun to see Adam and hear all about his mission. He had a ton of pictures that we looked at and heard stories about. It's good to have him home, and Eli and Kyah were excited to finally meet their Uncle "Taco." 
Kyah was obsessed with this toy rat that Jason and his brother got when they were little. SO SICK!
Playing Kan Jam. Such a fun game, except, I am seriously AWFUL at throwing a frisbee.
Now that Kyah can sit up on her own, she loved the beach!
The best part about this trip was having my husband with me! I am always traveling by myself, having Jason with us made it WAY better.
Cory, Adam, and Grandpa.
Strike a pose! Ha ha. Seriously, reminds me of Sport Illustrated, baby swim suit edition.
Taking a snooze.
Playing "Ba."
We went to get ice cream at Calabash. The BEST ice cream! They had some fake cows outside that Eli liked.
After our quick weekend in Myrtle Beach, I had a little family reunion to get to in Florida. Jason did the drive with me and flew back to Birmingham the following morning. So sad to see him go : (

Florida: My Sister came with my two nieces and Ty Ty came, too.
Kyah officially began crawling in Florida. She did a pretty good job entertaining Cattleya.
Sweet kicks!
Mall "Choo-Choo."
Eli's nearly incapable of smiling for the camera, but he did love the ride!
Eli, Kyah and I all shared a room. Kyah may just be the WORST sleeper ever (waking up 2-4 times a night, STILL)! Also, when she does wake up, she screams unconsolably (sometimes for an hour or 2). I describe her cry as "blood curdling," which my brother and sister agreed is an accurate description. They thought she was dying the first night they heard her. It took me the first 3 months of her life to realize that's just how she cries! So I put her as far away from me as possible when I sleep, that way I just won't have to hear her. But in this case, as far away as possible was in the closet next to me. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep on the trip. Eli, in contrast, is the absolute BEST sleeper ever. So I let him sleep with me in the bed. When we got home he thought this was going to be a permanent arrangement. Ha ha. Sorry buddy!

Tropical Storm Debby:
This tropical storm arrived at the beginning of our trip. There was so much flooding that we couldn't get the car out of the driveway for 3 days! It was a bummer. We were stuck inside with no sun and not much to do. Ty and I were mostly bummed by the fact that we couldn't get our tan on because frankly, we're pale! Then, once the storm cleared, we all got sick!
Ty and "Pop Pop" playing in the rain.
The river outside my mom's house. This was taken at the beginning of the storm, the next day it was a lot higher! People were kayaking down the street! The news warned that we should stay out of the water due to sewage flooding (fecal matter and other nasty stuff), plus gators and snakes were starting to make their way out. 
I'd just like to say that this particular day was a Sunday in which I ventured to church by myself with Rhaya and Eli, when I got out of the car there was tornado-like winds in addition to the torrential downpour, and while herding 2 toddlers through the flooded church parking lot, my umbrella blew inside out, soaking us all to the bone in a matter of seconds! It was like a scene from a movie. I just felt the need to tell that story. 
Eli was loving it.
Snuggles with Nona after a long day of playing in the rain. 
The following day, we had a brief glimpse of sunlight.
I HATE this picture of me (must be the glimmer of sunshine highlighting my giant schnoz), which of course just happens to be the best picture ever taken of both my kids. Darn.
Uncle Ty Ty and Kyah.
Kristen and "Catta."
Eli wants anything that Kyah has. He threw a fit to get into her floaty. Poor girl, he's always stealing her toys, too!

After several days stuck at home, the water finally subsided enough for us to leave the driveway without the threat of flooding our car engine (which my mom's next door neighbor actually did). So Kristen and I took Rhaya and Eli to the aquarium. They had a fun time.


My pretty girl. I love my mom's camera, it's so nice and takes pictures really fast so I can always capture a smile. So I had a little photo session to get these perfect pictures! 
The most perfect weather day of the whole trip... the day Kristen and Tyler were leaving : (
Clearly, we did NOT attain our desired tans.
Eli and Pop Pop playing with bubbles.

I had a ton more pictures that I transferred to a disk from my mom's computer... but when I got home the disk only had half the pictures! Not that any of my posts are ever really lacking in pictures! But still... I guess that's all.