Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

This week I turned... old! I think I've officially hit the age where from here on out I will dread birthdays. Nevertheless, it was still a fun day! Since this year has been very busy for Jason, when he finally finished taking the GMAT and applying to grad school I bought him Nuggets tickets to celebrate his promotion at work/Valentines Day/GMAT completion/Grad school acceptance/etc. He loves the San Antonio Spurs and since they played the Nuggets the night before my birthday, I figured we could throw birthday celebration into the mix as well. Eli spent the night at my mom's house since the game didn't even start until 8:30. We had a great night at the Nuggets game and in the morning we went to Snooze for breakfast. According to pretty much everyone this place is all the rage, so we've been excited to try it. The wait was an hour at 11:00 AM on a random Thursday! It was amazing though! Anyway, since having a little tot I sure do miss two things, going to the temple (as a couple, we usually just end up going by ourselves these days) and going to the movies. Since my mom still had Eli from the night before, we decided to do both. It was SO nice, I never thought I'd appreciate going to the temple or a movie so much, I sure used to take it for granted! Afterwards, we finished off the day by going to my Mom's house for dinner where we had Romano's white pizza (my favorite) with yummy red velvet cake to top it off. The next day we celebrated with my dad by going to Pappadeux (another one of my favorites). It's been a fun week, and here's to another year older and wiser!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Official!

On Saturday Jason received an email from University of Alabama at Birmingham's admissions office informing him that he's been accepted to their Healthcare Administration Masters program. Looks like we're moving to Birmingham! Jason is so excited about going back to school for something he's actually interested in and really feels he'll be good at and happy doing. I'm so excited and happy for him! Also, for the first time in 24 years of life, I won't be living in Colorado! Not that I don't love Colorado, but with the exception of college in Ft. Collins which I hated and came home every single weekend, I was born, raised and have lived within the same 20 mile radius my entire life. It's time for a change!
We don't know when we'll be moving yet, but probably not until July or August.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Last month Eli started crawling, pulling himself up on things and standing all at the same time. It seemed to happen over night, I thought they gradually begin to do these things?! Now that he's 8 months old he has mastered all of them and I literally cannot leave him alone for one second, unless it's in his crib. Which, even there he will stand up and sometimes lose his balance, fall and hit his head on the wood. Ouch! Poor little guy.
Another problem is that we have no room in our home for him to crawl around, climb, explore, etc. At this time last year we were thinking about buying a house, but me being the cheapest person ever in existence instead convinced Jason that we should rent what may just be the tiniest apartment in the world (Eli's "nursery" is where the average occupant would put a kitchen table). My rationale was that we could save extra money to buy a bigger house this year, which was slightly out of our price range last year. Now that Jason's going back to school we won't be buying a house at all, so there goes my great idea! Anyway, I figured the last couple of months here would be difficult as Eli would start to become mobile, but I never thought I would be this anxious to move! In two weeks we'll be moving to a bigger place which will have plenty of room for the little guy to roam around, and just in the nick of time as he may begin walking any day! Well, probably not that soon...