Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Florida... again!

I never knew I was such a mama's girl... until my mom moved to Florida! Now that she's not down the street from me, I am having serious withdrawals from her. I miss her so much, not to mention, how does anyone raise a child away from family? I thought having two kids would be a piece of cake because in my opinion, having one certainly was! But that's because when I had Eli I spent practically all my spare time with my mom! Having a baby is a piece of cake when you've enlisted the help of someone who's already raised three children! Now I'm all alone in Alabama, with two small kiddos and no mom! What is one to do? Well, apparently in my case I simply go to Florida on a monthly basis! I thought about it and although my mom and I have not actually lived in the same state for exactly a year now, there have only been two months in which we haven't seen each other! Kind of impresive, really. 

Anyway, I was feeling very lonely at the end of Jason's semester because he had a bunch of group projects, finals, his usual responsibilities at work and church, etc. So I decided to go visit my mom. I drove with the kids all by myself, in the past I have either flown or had my brother or Jason go with me, but apparently this time I was feeling ambitious! The only problem is, when you feel ambitious one day and drive to Florida, unfortunately, you still have to muster up the courage to make the trip home. It was no fun, but my time there certainly was! Here are the pictures:
Seriously, I can't get over the sleeping baby picture. I have at least a thousand pictures of both Eli and Kyah just sleeping!
Kyah is hilarious. She does this face all the time, she stares at something and flares her nostrils like she's concentrating really hard, then will squeal at the top of her lungs and get a big grin on her face like she was just thinking of a way to get your attention. I don't know if I explained that very well, but it's just one of the many ways she cracks me up. I can't wait to see her personality develop, she is so funny.
B.O.B. Duallie and the kids at IKEA. I am so happy to finally have a double stroller! It's like a whole new world has opened up to me, the possibilities are endless!
Eli liked the outdoor racquet ball courts, when he yelled it echoed.
The beach!
Digging in the sand, I look like an old lady trying to bend over!
Trying to coerce Eli into the pool, he wasn't having it. It was about 100 degrees outside which made me desperately want to get into the pool, which was only 70 degrees (FREEZING)... not too enjoyable!
I had to pretend to be enjoying myself in this picture so my mom could send it to my Aunt Helena and entice her to come over and see us. She didn't want to because she thought she had Shingles!
Papa got Eli his own little golf clubs. He loved them! But not to play golf with, more to go around hitting things with!
Kyah loved Rafa. We could lay her on the floor and he'd come lick her face which I think tickled because she'd just giggle and smile every time he came near her. 
Look closely... a gator right behind my mom's house! 
AHHHH! It terrified my every time Eli went outside to play!
Eli is the best big brother! He always looks out for his sister and is so helpful... most of the time! I hope it stays that way because I feel very blessed right now!
As with every mom, I have the most adorable children in the world :)
My sweet little lady turned 6-months-old while we were in Florida and... wait for it... wait for it... rolled over for the first time! Ha ha ok so she's not the most physically advanced little thing, but I don't mind. With Eli, since he was my first, I was so anxious for him to reach every milestone! It was so exciting! But since Kyah is my second, I'm okay with her lack of mobility. It only makes my job easier! Although, I do think it would be nice if she could sit up on her own. Then I could stop carrying her infant car seat everywhere, but maybe one day soon. I do think Eli would appreciate it if she would start moving more too, then they could play together. 
Eli's loved being sprayed with the hose.
I know, we're super classy letting him run around outside in his diaper. It eventually busted from all the water and he was just running around naked. Again, yes I know we're classy.
That's all for Florida!

As for Jason, he's officially done with his first year of grad school! With a 4.0, I might add! He's so humble I just like to brag for him. YAY! This summer he will be doing the bulk of his MBA courses, Monday through Thursday, 4-10 PM. Booooo. He'll work during the day and spend Fridays applying for residencies which, he'll begin interviewing for in the fall. As always, I feel bad for him, and myself because I'll never see him! So sad. In a few months we'll know where we'll be going for his residency and planning what will most likely be another cross-country move! So crazy, and sad! I love Birmingham. Anyway, that's all for now.