Monday, December 3, 2012


Today, while cooking dinner, I briefly left the kitchen to find my phone. Upon my return, Eli and Kyah emptied the contents of my tupperware cabinet all over the kitchen and Eli had even put 2 plastic lids on the hot burner! As I was cleaning up the mess, Kyah started crying because she wanted to continue throwing tupperware all over the kitchen, after several minutes the mess was cleaned up, Kyah was still crying and Eli was nowhere to be seen. I went looking for him to find that he'd gotten into the linen closet and had poured sunscreen all over himself and the carpet, claiming he was putting medicine on his "owie." He then tried to clean it up by unraveling a roll of toilet paper, then, disposing of said toilet paper in the toilet, nearly clogging it. I put him in time out and when I got back this was what I found. She was taking the toilet paper out of the toilet and throwing it all over the bathroom. Obviously I was repulsed and wanted to wait for Jason to get home to clean her up, so I proceeded to take some pictures to stall (he was on his way)... I eventually gave up waiting for him and plopped her in the bathtub while I cleaned up the mess... Again, while my attention was just briefly diverted, I look over and to my horror, find her eating a bar of soap!!! All of this happened in a matter of 10 minutes! I just can't get over it.