Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eli and the Kangaroos....

This happened back in November, but I took these pictures on my camera and shortly after got my iphone, so I stopped using my camera and completely forgot about uploading the pictures that were on it! Oops. 
Anyway, we were at the zoo, or more specifically the kangaroo exhibit, with some friends one day. Kyah was just getting the hang of walking so I was holding her hands while she walked around and Eli and Finley were playing just a few feet away when all of a sudden I heard my friend say "Eli's in the kangaroo cage!" I looked up and saw him not only in the cage but walking towards a pack of large kangaroos! I went ballistic screaming for him to get out of the cage, began to climb the fence, still screaming like a mad woman and finally he came out (but not without first staring at me for a moment with a sly grin on his face). It was the scariest day of my life! I actually thought my child was going to die! I was shaking for a long time afterward and even had nightmares about it. 
I told my family and friends about the incident and they all said I needed to tell the zoo that my 2-year-old walked right into the kangaroo exhibit and could have been killed! So, after a couple of weeks I went back to the zoo and talked to a zoo keeper about what had happened. She didn't seem concerned at all by my story and simply said that kangaroos are like deer. They could easily hop the tiny fence any time they please but they're afraid of humans and if Eli had run towards them they would have run away! Ha ha, OH!! There goes my big dramatic, near death experience that gave me nightmares! Apparently not such a big deal at all. Thank goodness!
The scene of he crime:
And some other pictures from the day:
Feeding goats... and Eli crying in time out : /
A goat sleeping with its head against the wall... Eli playing on a tractor.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


I've officially gotten lazy about blogging : / Anyhoo, here's March happenings:
 Kyah got upgraded from the infant carrier to the convertible car seat, she's not legally supposed to be forward facing on account of she's only 18 pounds, but we're rebels like that. Now we get to look at both of their cute little faces when we drive. Lately, they've been waking up EARLY! Like, before 6:00. Which really cramps my style. In this particular picture, the both fell asleep shortly after getting in the car... and it was only 10 AM. Totally ruining their nap schedule. Boooo :(
 Eli can climb the spiral thing at the playground all by himself, and he's been practicing his skateboarding. 
 Kyah's still hungry... All.The.Time. On this occasion, she climbed up on the chair, pulled a spoon out of the drawer and started eating some hummus right out of the container I had on the counter. She's usually on the hunt for food.
 We had an Easter egg hunt for playgroup one day. Kyah didn't quite get the hang of it but I put one egg in her basket and she carried it around feeling really proud. Eli on the other hand, really has a knack for finding all things containing sugar. He had a good time, although, he insisted on opening each egg and eating the candy on the spot, rather than waiting until the hunt was over... resulting in him  getting much fewer eggs than he probably could have : /
 Checking out their loot. Eli ate a little too much candy... he may or may not have thrown up all over the Zaxby's restroom floor shortly after leaving playgroup :(

Spring Break!
Jason decided to take this Spring Break off work since he'll begin his residency soon and probably won't be able to do any traveling for a while. So, we went to his parents house in Myrtle Beach. But first, we spent a weekend in Atlanta. We've been meaning to spend some time there since living here, but never seem to get around to it. It's only 2 hours away, though! 
 Lunch at Chick-Fil-A. What a nice brother sharing his ice cream cone :)
 Coke museum. We love our Coca-Cola but for the past year or two we've been trying really hard to eat clean and obviously Soda doesn't fit the criteria, but everyone's gotta cheat sometimes!
 I was careful to give Eli caffeine free drinks, but Jason was apparently letting Kyah sip on his Coke the whole time! She was literally up ALL night and she wouldn't even nap the next day! Which was unfortunate considering we had to spend 6 hours in the car with her NOT sleeping.
 Here are the two times she did fall asleep for a brief 10 minutes or so. But oh how cute she looks!
 Happy St. Patrick's Day! Jason's mom bought Lucky Charms to celebrate the occasion :)
 Eli looking evil while watching a movie. He looks like the Omen child which is funny because when he was only an infant I realized he had an evil alter-ego, whom I happened to name Damien. 
 We went to the mall to ride the mall train but it was closed on Monday, so we let the kids play on the other various rides instead.

My birthday! I had been craving buffalo wings lately so we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch (not pictured), then went bowling. It was really fun.
  Diana and I could use some practice! ha ha
 My cake! Myrtle Beach has this bakery call Coccadotts, which was featured on Cupcake Wars! Diana took me there to design my own cake. I picked a raspberry swirl cake with white chocolate mousse filling and a white chocolate buttercream frosting. It was basically amazing. Without a doubt the best cake I've ever eaten. And look how pretty?
 We celebrated my actual birthday when we got home from our trip. It was on a Sunday so we didn't do anything, but Jason went and got me more Buffalo Wild Wings on Saturday night which we heated up to eat for dinner, and then he made me this pretty little cake :) I love funfetti!
 The kids enjoyed it too!
 Eli's rocket ship
When I was going through the storage closet one day (while watching Les Mis, irrelevant fact but whatever), Kyah saw her old car seat and snuggled right up in it! How cute :)
Church Easter party. Eli loves Bishop Burtkhardt. He sat in his lap for the entire breakfast and program, then insisted on holding his hand throughout the entire Easter egg hunt. Bishop Burkhardt is also the director of Jason's program at school, as well as one of his professors. And now he's moving to Texas, too!

I guess that's all for March :)